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1q- Every morning after my 1993 nissan altima sits overnight there is an oil spot on the driveway about the center of the car. What might I look for?

1a- Could be several things. If you have an automatic transmission the oil should be reddish color. If it's brown or black, engine oil.
Also check for brake fluid leakage.

2q- When I'm driving I don't see any smoke coming out of the back of my 68 Impala but when I stop there is smoke coming from under my hood and bottom of the car ?

2a- Sounds like you might have an oil leak that is dripping on your exhaust system. It won't come out the tailpipe but will burn off when you stop. Check for gasket or seal leakage under the car.

3q- I have a 1985 Renault Alliance and the thermostat is stuck closed water won't travel through hoses to engine. I need to know what part thermostat is in and how to get to it and take it out or disable it. Thanks if anyone can help

3a- Personal Info
Usually in housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose in most cars. Disable by removing but better to replace.

4q- i have a 97 Ford F150 with a recently rebuilt engine (less than 2000 miles) the truck sometimes idles rough and on acceleration it sometimes starts to accelerate and the takes off even faster as if a sensor wasn't working and then started working.i got my hands on a scan tool and the "upstream" 02 sensors seem to be fluctuating a great deal. driving normally the numbers go ... 600, 320, 750, 25, 580, 200. at the same time the other "upstream " 02 will have numbers like 45, 450, 720, 700, 0, 150. seemingly no correlation to the two does this sound like i might be on to something?

4a- Check first for vaccum leaks

5q- I just bought this car, but it's been sitting for 6 months, only started infrequently. Drove it almost all the way home, and it stalled and won't restart. Chance of water in gas tank? If so, what to do? It does try to turn over, catches sometimes, but after stepping on gas, it dies again.

5a - Sounds just like what a fuel filter might do, especially after sitting for so long. They get plugged up and need changed. The fuel filter should be changed on a regular basis anyway, according to the manufacturers schedule. write back if that helped, bet it will.

6q- I have a 1993 mpv mazda and can not get the check engine light to go off. I put a scanner and it reflected no codes and follow the procedure in a mazda book to get that light off. I grounded the cable they told me but still nothing happened. Can i get some ideas on how to turn that light off? Thanks Ricardo

6a-The manual says that the light is set to go off at 80,000 miles to have you replace the O2 sensor. To get the engine light off, you will have to remove the dash panel covering gauges. You must then move the screw from the N O position to the N C position.

7q- hi im trying to get to the heater core on my 1993 grand am . im having trouble getting the center console ,the piece in the middle of the car where the gear shift is .i cant get it out .the heater core is in the center of this heater core blew out ,one side of the core the tubes melted off .

7a- Need Answer

8q- My 1993 GM Mercury, has started using oil, I've always changed filter and oil every 3000 miles. Noticed it is using a quart every 1000 miles. Don't see smoke except when I stop for a light, when I start up a puff of blue smoke appears in exhaust. I changed the PCV valve but that did not help. Could this be a bad valve seal? Up until about three oil changes ago (9000 mile) I never had to add oil. The car runs excellent and there are no leaks, it does have 102,000 miles on engine, mostly highway driving. Thank you. DS Toms River, NJ .

8a- 1 quart every 1000 mi isn't too bad. Could be valve guide seals or rings but first check the transmission modulator valve. If it has one and is bad you will get the symtoms you describe.

9q- I have a 1991 mighty max mitsubichi pickup truck,my truck would stall while on the freeway and I would have to put it on nuetral to start it.I thought replacing the spark plugs would help it but it did the same thing again.I replaced the wiring and the timing belt,now when i accelerate it lacks power ,also replaced rotor and distributor cap could you tell me what i could do to fix this problem.

9a- Sounds like you might have gotten the timing belt off a tooth or so, maybe not wired right. If it has lots of miles (100,000 +)and is still stalling, check fuel filter and ignition module first.
10q- Dear Mechanic, I would like to know how to bleed the air out of a power steering system after a steering gear box was changed. Thank you for your time.... Thanks, Shannon

10a- usally you don't have to bleed air out. It will usually come out after turning the steering wheel a few times from side to side. Turn it all the way over and all the way back. Make sure your belt is tight. If there is a procedure for bleeding it should be spelled out in a repair manual for that make and model.
11q- My 92 Dodge Spirit 3.0 V6 stumbled while doing 70 and stalled. Will not start now. Engine turns over but would start. Changed cap rotor and wires, no good. what could it be. Help...

11a- Could be several things. First check compression, might have lost a timing belt. If good check for spark to the plugs. If good must be fuel supply, test fuel pressure at rail. Best to follow a procedure manuel for diagnostics.
12q-hello i have a 1990 model hyundai 2.4 and i cant find a miss in my engine i did a full tune up and it still misses if you have any idea let me know thank you
12a-You might be ahead getting it diagnoised at a shop. Check for vacuum leaks first the do a compression check.
13q-My 92 Mercedes 500SL has recently w/ increasing, frequency started to stall after being driven in slow or stop and go traffic. The gas pedals gets 'sluggish' ie I will notice that the car will not respond until the pedal is nearly half down,then it responds slowly or very little--then I know it's getting ready to stall out. After it stalls our (engine stops completely), it starts back up w/ no problem and will go fine--until the next stop and go traffic situation????? Help-!! It has 101,300miles. All servicings on record. Up to date on oil changes etc.
13a-check fuel fliter sounds like a clogged filter
14q- While driving, the car temp. gauge stays right about in the middle (220). But when I stop smoke starts coming out from the front of the engine. Noticed today that after I drove it about 2-3 miles I turned off the car, and had anti-freeze dripping out from about 6 different places. Please help me...:( Thank you M.C., Oh.
14a- You obviously have a leak or two in your cooling system. The best way is to get a pressure tester and follow the instructions to find the leaks.
15q-I have a 91 Honda Accord that when the a/c is on sometimes the brake pedal will when depressed slowly go all the way to the floor. With the a/c off it will not do that. The pads ,etc are fine.
15a- Doesn't make sense. You should replace the brake master cylinder and see if the problem goes away.
- Additional answer from reader (thank you) -
Actually, if the AC is causing the idle to drop enough that the vauum is insufficient to operate the vacuum booster, it could cause that problem. Check the rpms when the AC is off and when the AC is on.
16q-im just wandering if someone can help me i have a 1990 hyundai sonata. after sitting over night the next morning i go to start it smoke starts comming form the tail pipe its blue color.
16a-Proably valve guide seals, that's the most common symtom for that type of engine smoking.
17q-Hello...I have a 1995 Toyota Tercel...recently it has had a problem that I am not able to tell what the cause is. Every time I accelerate it makes kind of like a kick. It's really a bother because I can't accelerate quickly, to stop it from kicking I usually accelerate slowly I find this to be the only way to avoid the strong kicks...please advise!!
17a-Sounds kinda of like secondary ignition crossfire, check plug wires and distributer cap
18q- Would like some advise on an 8N Ford tractor. When it has run for a while it has a tendency to quit or slow down. Could this be from vapor lock or possibly the gas line being to close to the exhaust manifold? Thanks for the help.
18a- Yes. If the line from the tank to the fuel pump gets too hot it will cause the fuel in the line to start vaporizing and the pump does not have fuel to move. Vaporlock.
19q- I have a 97 Subaru Legacy Outback, I just had the brakes done and about a month afterwards I started having problems, it started with the battery and brake lights coming on evry once in awhile only when I would excelerate, but then they came on permanently, the car started losing power, when I'd use the electric windows or anything the tachometer needle would just drop to the bottom. finally my car stalled out and I needed to jump start it to get it home. I replaced the battery and it works fine now but the brake lite and battery lite are still on? is their a problem with the generator or charging system or what? I checked all the fluids and AI have plenty of brake fluid and stuff, my car has 70,000 miles on it, please let me know what you think. thanks Jim
19a - Probably a bad alternator. Might be your brake light switch is bad or out of adjustment too. Check for both problems first.
20q- What effect will a faulty oxygen sensor have on the performance of a vehicle? I own a 1995 Plymouth Voyager (89,000miles) some symptoms I'm experiancing with the vehicle are, slow pick up, hesitation at high speeds, and the check engine light comes on periodically. I'm wondering would the oxygen sensor cause these problems?
20a- Could but they usually last longer than 89 thou. You're more in the milege range for plugs or plug wires.
21q- I have a '96 Dodge Avenger. I was just told that my "main hydraulic unit" is broken. What is that and what is the worst that can happen if I dont get it fixed?
21a- From George- The main hydraulic unit is in the brake system
A mechanic can only reccommend your brakes are kept in excellant condition with no faulty parts.
22q- i have a 1990 dodge caravan with 103,000 mile. it has been the most dependable auto i have owned. the oil pressure seems to going down a little each year. i have decided not to spend much money on the old dodge and make it a lake car. is there anything i can do that doesnt cost much to keep the oil pressure from going lower. i have change oil & filter very 3 months or 3000 miles. .
22a- Try using 60 wt. racing oil. Even with low oil pressure your engine should last a long time with this oil. If your light is coming on you need to change or beef up your oil pump. Hopefully the bearing clearance isn't too wide.
23q- I having two (2) problems with my 1987 Eldorado Cadillac: (1) The service soon light is coming on in the information center but there are NO codes in the Computer. (2) I have some whining. Is the the tranaxal or what? What should be done to correct this problem? Thanking you in advance for your help.I remain, Corneille Hutcherson .
23- If the light s coming on then going off again there is some minor problem that probably isn't going to cause trouble. Otherwise you should have it diagnosed with a engine analyzer. The whine could be transaxle and if it doesn't increase it might stay a long time and be fine.
24q-I need the firing order diagram for a 350 chevy Please? .
24a- 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 if typycal gas 350. Looking at the engine from the front your right first cylinder is Number 1 then 3-5-7 On your left first cylinder is number 2 then 4-6-8
25q-where do you put the timing mark up or down on the timing gear on a 1987 Isuzu I-Mark 1.5 lt. turbo .
25a- On a job like that you should get a good manual. Maybe someone out there knows and will give a more complete answer.
26q- i have a Ford Ranger with a 2.9 litre V-6, I need to know what to torque the head bolts down to. thanks
26a- Torque specs include torque pattern. You need a manual for this operation.
27q- 1989 Chevrolet K2500 has vibration sometimes @35-45 mph and sometimes brake pulsation also sometimes feels like rear axel is twisting when stopping and the unwinds replace limited slip differential brake drums had rear drive shaft rebuilt and balanced new calipers hoses cylinders balance and replaced tires thanks Jim

27a- Check engine and transmission mounts first. FROM DEWEY WETZEL: Sounds like more than one problem. As for the axle unwinding, check the rear brake cylinders for leakage. If no leakage is apparent, then make sure they aren't rusted and seized internally. This will require disassembly of the wheel cylinders.
From Robert (Bob) Coulter - The first vibration concern possibly u-joint failure. The axle twisting, GM had some issues with these vehicles. The drive shaft yoke will become rusted and will bind up after coming to a stop. Remove the driveshaft, clean all the rust off using emrey cloth, then lubricate using "GM Special Lube" or similar inside and out of yoke.
28q- Help! I have a 96 Grand Am and my drivers side power window will not go down when operating the down switch. I need to now if it is the window motor and if so how do I change it or should I leave it up to the PROs?. Thanks so much for your advise!!
28a- Touchy job, even to diagnos. Requires quite a bit of technical knowledge. If you don't want to go thru a potentially hairy learning experience go to shop.
29a- Usually under the hood there is a diagram of the belt pattern. Look on the fan shroud, hood and shock towers. It would best if that is missing to get a diagram from the dealer or the parts store, they usually are very helpful with things like that. Your'e doing the right thing and cross your fingers on this one.
30q- 85 Pontiacengine idled rough. I changed wires & plugs. It still idles rough. Could dirty valves be the problem or dirty carb.It runs well, smoothly at higher speeds. Waiting for your reply, thanks. Paul.
30a- Different cars different stock problems. Check for compression and vacuum leaks. Could be camshaft wear.


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