It makes a lot of sense these days to join a rideshare or carpool. With the price of fuel going up, commute times increasing and money flowing away from the staples in life, a carpool can put a dent in the negative cash flow, saving carpoolers money and lowering our national debt. Also consider the positve impact on our air quality ! Many people also make some new friends in the process.

Whether you want to form a car pool, join an existing one or just share a single ride across the country, this page may be able to help you. There is no charge for this service unless you would like to add a picture or link to another website. In this case the price is Twenty Dollars (U.S.) for an image and Ten Dollars for a link to another site. When you send your information you must state in your e-mail message what contact information you want posted on the internet. You agree that you are responsible for any possible adverse consequenses that could possibly arise from having this information posted. Please e-mail to have the ad removed when you no longer need it. Thank you.

To post your information and try to connect with or form a carpool in your area send an e-mail to
and the text will be placed on this page as it comes in.


Hi I am trying to get a ride from San Manuel, Az
to Saddlebrooke Az. I need one starting monday November
19,2000 or Tuesday November 20,2000.
My Name is Deborah Stovall at
Have a great day!!!








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