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For a getaway special Mechanic.cc is posting free ads in
all categories. This also includes the postings in the personal
ad sections, Mechanics, Shop owners and International pages.
There are no short cuts and the ads will be posted as recieved
and run the duration as all ads are.

Offer good thru 8/31/2000


  • Five ads per main category
  • Picture ads included
  • Personal info ads included
  • Shopowner ads included
  • All states included
  • One corporate ad per main category
                    corporate ads to run 30 days from posting

    Main category classifications

  • Carpool
  • Mechanics page (see below)
  • Shopowners page (see below)
  • International page
  • Vehicles for sale page (5 picture ads + 5 text ads)
  • For Sale page (5 picture ads + 5 text ads)
    Mechanics & Shopowners

    For each of these categories there are 50 states. Instead of 5 free ads in each of these main categories ( Mechanics and Shopowners ) there will be ten each. This does not apply to each sub-category of each state. A shopowners ad is for one facility and must have this unique locations address included. Even if incorporated the ad does not fall under corporate rules for this free ad offer. The time run is the same as stated on the shopowners page and will be listed on the states page that it is submitted for.

    Thank you for your listings

  • Autorepair101.com
    For more information contact: admin@autorepair101.com