Technical Tips

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Safety Tips

When you are under a vehicle with the wheels off, for extra safety, place the tires and wheels underneath so the vehicle can't drop if something unexpected happens.

Never rely on just a jack to hold a vehicle up. Always place appropriate jack stands properly to hold it up.

Service Tips

If you use contact cement to hold gaskets to the part you are applying, it will not move as you put it into place.

Use sealers sparingly to keep excess from clogging up passages. This also saves money on materials.

Remember to change your timing belt as per service schedule. On several models of engines when the belt breaks it will cause several hundreds of dollars in repair costs. Change it on time.

Thanks for the tips posted here. Remember that these tips are suggestions that are made by readers of this site and does not endorse them. All tips will not be posted if they are noticed to be reasonable duplicates of tips already here. If you see any tips that you feel might need clarification please add it to the technical questions page for feedback as to it's usefulness. Since safety is of the utmost importance in mechanics, these tips are especially welcomed and will be placed at the top of the list.
Any short cut tool tips and procedure abbreviations should be well thought out and tested before submission. Use these tips at your own risk. Thanks again and good luck with your repair job.

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